Good Morning Hong Kong

Good Morning Hong Kong - Cirrocumulus clouds over Tai Mo Shan
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Good Morning Hong Kong….

Cirrocumulus clouds was seen over Tai Mo Shan. The above photo was taken at 06:23 a.m. on 30 October 2008.

Tai Mo Shan (大帽山) literally meaning “Big Hat Mountain” has the highest peak in Hong Kong, with an altitude of 958 m. It is located approximately at the geographical centre of the New Territories.

Cirrocumulus Clouds over Tai Mo Shan
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Cirrocumulus clouds (卷積雲) are high-altitude cloud, usually occurring at 16,000-40,000 feet. Like other cumulus clouds, cirrocumulus clouds signify convection. Unlike other cirrus clouds, cirrocumulus include liquid water droplets, although these are in a supercooled state. Ice crystals are also present, and typically, the ice crystals cause the supercooled water drops in the cloud to rapidly freeze, transforming the cirrocumulus into cirrostratus. This process can also produce precipitation in the form of a virga consisting of ice or snow. Thus cirrocumulus clouds are usually short-lived.

I Am A Cloud

Sun Yuen Long Centre

A Cloud over Sun Yuen Long Centre, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong.

Sun Yuen Long Centre at 8 Long Yat Road has 280,000 sq.ft. of total floor area housing a diverse mix of shops and restaurants, as well as a four-screen cinema. It is at the heart of Yuen Long’s transportation network, near the MTR Yuen Long Station and Light Rail Yuen Long terminal.

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Tirumala limniace

Tirumala limniace (青斑蝶)
Tirumala limniace (青斑蝶)
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Place: Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve, Tai Po, New Territories, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Equipment: Canon 30D, Sigma APO 180 EX DG MARCO HSM

The Blue Tiger (Tirumala limniace) is a butterfly found in India that belongs to the Crows and Tigers, that is, the Danaid group of the Brush-footed butterflies family. This butterfly shows gregarious migratory behaviour in southern India.

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Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve

Designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest in 1980, Fung Yuen Valley near Tai Po is a forested ravine behind the village of Fung Yuen. This area is recognized as an important breeding site for some butterflies of conservation concern, such as Common Birdwing and White Dragontail. Despite being located on the urban fringe, remarkably more than half of all local butterfly species have been recorded here.

Official Website:

Getting There

Take green minibus 20K or 25K at Tai Po Market KCR station and drop off at Fung Yuen Road (鳳園路)

Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve (鳳園蝴蝶保育區)
Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve Location Map (鳳園蝴蝶保育區)

Map 1. Walk along the Fung Yuen Road about 15 minutes until you see a red water pipe (no. 1320) then turn right to Fung Yuen Lo Tsuen (鳯園老村)

Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve (鳳園蝴蝶保育區)
Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve (鳳園蝴蝶保育區)

Map 2. At the entrance of Fung Yuen Lo Tsuen (鳯園老村), you will see Fung Yuen Tsuen Village Hall (鳯園村村公所) on your left. Go strange until you see a private car park.

Fung Yuen Tsuen Village Hall (鳯園村村公所)
Fung Yuen Tsuen Village Hall (鳯園村村公所)

Map 3. Walk through the private car park, you will see “Fung Yuen Culture & Education Centre ( 鳳園文化及生態教育中心) “. Get inside to register before you can enter the conservation area.

Fung Yuen Culture & Education Centre ( 鳳園文化及生態教育中心)
Fung Yuen Culture & Education Centre ( 鳳園文化及生態教育中心)

Map 4. After register , walk back and cross the pedestrian bridge
Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve (鳳園蝴蝶保育區)

Map 5. Follow the sign, you will see the entrace of Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve
Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve (鳳園蝴蝶保育區)
Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve (鳳園蝴蝶保育區)

Place: Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve (鳳園蝴蝶保育區), Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong
Equipment: Canon 850IS
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