I would like to share some of the recent events in Hong Kong which I experienced first hand and recorded for posterity. I am working at Account Department, beside on-line surfing, photography is one of my hobby. Not until recently, “blog” allow me to share my point of view of Hong Kong Daily life with the traditional media limitations.

Hong Kong voters cast their ballots in legislative council (hkdigit-20120909-180056)
K11 Christmas Flying Pig (hkdigit-20121128-194507)
Hark the Angels Sing (hkdigit-20071218-181355)
East Point City Christmas Decorations (hkdigit-20121204-194729)
We love to laugh Christmas Decoration at Grand Century Place (hkdigit-20121130-215415)
Candlelight Vigil for the 19th Anniversary of June 4 (hkdigit-20080604-212629
1881 Heritage Christmas Royal Carriages (hkdigit-20111202-200818)

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