Victoria Park Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival 2013

Victoria Park Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival 2013 (hkdigit-20130916-193041)

The lantern installations at the Carnival site will be open to the public on 14.9 – 22.9.2013 at 6:30 pm – 11:00pm, and will be extended to 12:00 midnight on 19.9.2013 (Thu).

Programme Highlights

Spectacular Chinese Ethnic Dance and Songs and Acrobatics –  Sichuan Arts Troupe

Sichuan Arts Troupe will showcase excellent performances in the Urban and New Territories Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnivals including spectacular folk songs and dance and acrobatic performances; and Sichuan folk craft such as sugar painting (by Xie Fengkun) and Qiang embroidery (by Yang Huazhen).

God of Fortune – Welcome Home!

The two Hong Kong-designed and Taiwan-crafted giant lantern sculptures – God of Fortune, after displaying in the Taichung Lantern Festival 2013, is now back to Hong Kong! Fusing sophisticated design with meticulous craftsmanship, these 5m-tall lanterns display an adorable and vibrant image of the traditional God of Fortune. The gold ingot in its hand symbolizes wealth whereas the green “yuyi” symbolizes happiness, which are also great blessing to all our visitors. As a photo hotspot during its stay in Taichung, God of Fortune will for sure lighten up our Carnival during its home-coming in the Mid-Autumn.

Urban Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival (hkdigit-20130916-190840)

Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage –  Traditional Mechanical Puppet Stage

The mechanical puppet stage was once very popular in the 1960s and 1970s. It is a kind of decorative floral board commonly seen in front of the moon cake shop to attract customers during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The craftsmen make a movable puppet performance supplemented with sound and lighting effects as similar as the real opera performance. Popular Chinese historical stories were often the main themes for the stages. With growing popularity of television advertisements, the use of mechanical puppet stage as a traditional method of promotion has been declining. To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum has invited local masters to reconstruct an old style moon cake shop in bamboo shed with its entrance exquisitely decorated with a set of traditional mechanical puppet stages, offering visitors a chance to reminisce the flavour of old Hong Kong.

ire Dragon Dance Parade (hkdigit-20050919-205514)

Fire Dragon Dance Parade

When the people of Tai Hang stopped a plague with a fire dragon dance in the 19th century, they also kicked off a tradition which was successfully inscribed onto the third national list of intangible cultural heritage. The Fire Dragon Dance Parade will be weaving its way in the Urban Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival this year. There will be about 350 performers and a 67-metre-long dragon studded with thousands of burning joss sticks altogether wending and dancing in the Victoria Park.

Folk Craft of Guangdong

Demonstration of Chinese folk craft by Guangdong masters – Chaozhou wheat straw patchwork by Fang Zhiwei, and Canton decorative porcelain by Xu Enfu.

Demonstration of Chinese Instruments by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra won the accolades as ‘a cultural ambassador of Hong Kong’. It is dedicated to the promotion of Chinese music to the community. There will be interactive sessions of great fun, in which the audience will have hands-on experience of the four main categories of Chinese musical instruments – wind, plucked-string, bowed-string and percussion, including pipa, suona, dizi and percussion in the three Lantern Carnivals. HKCO will also introduce the Eco-gaohu, Eco-erhu, Eco-zhonghu, Eco-Gehu and Eco-Bass Gehu developed by the HKCO itself which has won the Ministry of Culture Innovation Award.

Chinese Orchestral Concert by Hong Kong Junior Chinese Orchestra
Victoria Park 20-21.9.2013 7:30pm-8:30pm

The Hong Kong Junior Chinese Orchestra of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra will celebrate a happy Mid-autumn Festival with the community with charming all-time favourites including the Full Moon and Blossoming Flower, Beautiful Clouds Chasing the Moon, Scenes of Dali, Dance of Axi Tribe under the Moon, Jasmine and Dance of the Golden Snake etc.

Also, to promote Chinese ethnic culture among residents and tourists alike, month-long lantern displays with themes are held around the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Urban Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival
Date: 19 September 2013 (Lantern installation: 14 – 22 September)
Time: 8pm to 11pm
Venue: Victoria Park Soccer Pitch, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Admission: Free
Remarks: Lanterns lit 6:30pm to 11pm, 14-22 September; until midnight on 19 September
How to get there: MTR Causeway Bay, Exit F, walk along Great George Street until you reach the park; MTR Tin Hau, Exit A2, turn left at the exit and continue until you reach the park.

Stock Photo ID : hkdigit-20130916-193041, hkdigit-20130916-190840, hkdigit-20050919-205514

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