Sha Tin Park Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival

Sha Tin Park Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival (hkdigit-20130918-195653)

The lantern installations at the  Sha Tin Park Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival site will be open to the public on 18.9 – 1.10.2013 at 6:30 pm – 11:00pm, and will be extended to 12:00 midnight on 19.9.2013 (Thu).

Programme Highlights

Spectacular Chinese Ethnic Dance and Songs and Acrobatics – Sichuan Arts Troupe

Sichuan Arts Troupe will showcase excellent performances in the Urban and New Territories Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnivals including spectacular folk songs and dance and acrobatic performances; and Sichuan folk craft such as sugar painting (by Xie Fengkun) and Qiang embroidery (by Yang Huazhen).

Folk Craft of Guangdong

Demonstration of Chinese folk craft by Guangdong masters – Chaozhou wheat straw patchwork by Fang Zhiwei, and Canton decorative porcelain by Xu Enfu.

Demonstration of Chinese Instruments by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra won the accolades as ‘a cultural ambassador of Hong Kong’. It is dedicated to the promotion of Chinese music to the community. There will be interactive sessions of great fun, in which the audience will have hands-on experience of the four main categories of Chinese musical instruments – wind, plucked-string, bowed-string and percussion, including pipa, suona, dizi and percussion in the three Lantern Carnivals. HKCO will also introduce the Eco-gaohu, Eco-erhu, Eco-zhonghu, Eco-Gehu and Eco-Bass Gehu developed by the HKCO itself which has won the Ministry of Culture Innovation Award.

Giant revolving lantern (hkdigit-20130918-192149)

Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage – Exhibition on Craftmanship of Lantern Making

To celebrate the joy and excitement of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum has invited local master craftsmen to construct a giant revolving lantern for the occasion. Crafted totally by hand, the lantern is about 9 metres high with five levels. A giant lotus sits on three storeys which are constantly revolving and painted with Chinese landscapes, flowers, carp and other auspicious symbols. Each corner eave of the octago-shaped storeys is decorated with exquisitely made miniature “palace lanterns”. With these ingenious designs and their superb workmanship, the master craftmen have created a stunning revolving lantern out of simple bamboo strips and silk.

Youth Creative Lantern Showcase

Creative lantern entries by local primary and secondary school students. Enrolled schools include:

  • Tsz Wan Shan Catholic Primary School
  • CCC Chuen Yuen First Primary School
  • Ho Lap Primary School (Sponsored By Sik Sik Yuen)
  • King Lam Catholic Primary School
  • Fanling Assembly Of God Church Primary School
  • Jordan Valley St Joseph’S Catholic Primary School
  • Kwok Man School
  • St Peter’S Catholic Primary School
  • Plk Dr. Jimmy Wong Chi-Ho (Tin Sum Valley) Primary School
  • Skh Fung Kei Primary School
  • Diocesan Preparatory School
  • Canton Road Government Primary School
  • S.K.H. St. Thomas’ Primary School
  • Society Of Boys’ Centres Chak Yan Centre School (Primary Section)
  • Fung Kai No.1 Secondary School
  • Law Ting Pong Secondary School
  • Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School
  • Hkta The Yuen Yuen Institute No. 3 Secondary School
  • The Chinese Foundation Secondary School
  • Nlsi Lui Kwok Pat Fong College
  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church Of Hong Kong Faith Love Lutheran School
  • The Church Of Christ In China Mong Man Wai College
  • Rosaryhill School (Secondary Section)

New Territories East Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival 2013 (hkdigit-20130918-195830)

New Territories East Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival

Date: 20 September 2013 (Lantern installation: 18 September to 1 October)
Time: 7:30pm to 10:30pm
Venue: Sha Tin Park, Sha Tin, New Territories
Admission: Free
Remarks: Lanterns lit 6:30pm to 11pm, 18 September to 1 October; until midnight on 19 September
How to get there : 7-minute walk from MTR Sha Tin Exit A through New Town Plaza. Sha Tin Park is next to Sha Tin Town Hall, on the river bank.

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