Victoria Park Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival 2012

Victoria Park Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival 2012 (hkdigit-20120927-190714)


The lantern installations at the Carnival site will be open to the public on 27 September – 2 October, 2012 (Thu – Tue) at 6:30 pm – 11:00pm, and will be extended to 12:00 midnight on 30.9 – 1.10.2012 (Sun-Mon).

Rendezvous in Arts & Entertainment Metropolis

It’s an Entertainment Village! The Carnival features different Chinese folk arts including performances, folk arts demonstration, lantern riddle quiz, together with fire dragon dance parade, handmade lantern by local artists, don’t miss the glittering sceneries of the Lantern Carnival!

Victoria Park Lantern Corridor (hkdigit-20120927-185243

Programme Highlights

Spectacular Chinese Ethnic Dance and Songs and Acrobatics

Hunan Arts Troupe

Hunan Arts Troupe will showcase excellent performances in the Urban and New Territories Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnivals including spectacular folk songs and dance, instrumental and acrobatic performances; and Hunan folk craft such as palm weaving (by WANG Wending), nuo masks (by Wu Xingzhi), Tantou new year woodprints (by Zhong Jiantong) and Xiangxi Miao Painting (by LIANG Desong).

The performances are supported by the Office for Cultural Affairs with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Regions, Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China.

Folk Craft of Guangdong

Demonstration of Chinese folk craft by Guangdong Chaozhou masters – Dawu Clay Sculpture by Wu Guangrang and Wu Hongcheng, and Fengxi Handmade Zhuni (red clay) Pots by Wu Hanyu.

Supported by Department of Culture of Guangdong Province

Rolling Dragon Latern (hkdigit-20120927-184558)

Lotus Dragon Spectacular Handmade Lantern
Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage – Traditional Craftsmanship of Lantern Making

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival of this Year of the Dragon, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum has invited two local master crafters to build a mega-size lantern in the shape of a “lotus dragon” soaring and dancing in the air. The dragon’s head is styled after the “rolling dragon” of Haifeng and Lufeng in southern China, and the body is made up of more than thirty lotus lanterns. Visitors can enjoy the festive fun while appreciating the excellent craftsmanship of local masters.

Organized by Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Zhongqiu Festival Fire Dragon Dance (hkdigit-20050919-193519)

Fire Dragon Dance Parade

When the people of Tai Hang stopped a plague with a fire dragon dance in the 19th century, they also kicked off a tradition which was successfully inscribed onto the third national list of intangible cultural heritage. The Fire Dragon Dance Parade will be weaving its way in the Urban Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival this year. There will be about 300 performers and a 67-metre-long dragon studded with thousands of burning joss sticks altogether wending and dancing in the Victoria Park.

Jointly presented with Tai Hang Residents’ Welfare Association

Spectacular programmes also include lantern riddle quiz. Roving artists will parade at the Carnival.

Date: 30 September 2012 (Lantern Installations#: 27 September to 2 October)
Time: 8pm-11pm
Venue:Soccer pitch at Victoria Park Soccer Pitch, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island
Admission: Free
#Lantern lighting time: 6:30pm-11pm, 27-29 September and 2 October; 6:30pm-midnight, 30 September and 1 October
How to get there :

  • MTR Causeway Bay Station Exit E. Walk along Great George Street until you reach the park.
  • MTR Tin Hau Station Exit A2. Turn left at the exit and continue ahead until you reach the park.

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