Swarovski World’s biggest Christmas crystal ornament – Hang Lung Center

Swaroski Largest Outdoor Christmas Ornament  (hkdigit-20111214-182027)

HONG KONG – 5 Dec, 2011 – Swarovski launched the world’s largest outdoor Swarovski Christmas ornament in Hong Kong with famous actress Carina Lau Kar-ling. Echoing with the theme of Swarovski Christmas collection ‘Be The Star’, the record-breaking crystal ornament will dazzle on the exterior wall of Hang Lung Centre, heightening the festive mood of the city.

It is a tradition for Swarovski to design Christmas ornament. Since the launch of its first Christmas ornament in 1991, Swarovski has been designing a brand new Christmas ornament every year. Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of its iconic ornament, Swarovski draws inspiration from the 2011 Christmas ornament and hoists this Christmas ornament that dazzles with contemporary charm and sparkling splendor to show the irresistible style of crystal and perfect the resplendent Christmas.

 6-meter-high Swarovski crystal star (hkdigit-20111214-181957)

The over 6 metres high crystal star is the largest outdoor Swarovski Christmas ornament in the world. Embellished with around 1 million pieces of Swarovski crystals from Austria, this masterpiece is worth millions and impresses viewers with a scintillating radiance.

Date : 5 December, 2011 to 3 January, 2012
Place : Exterior wall of Hang Lung Centre
Address : 2-20 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Stock Photo ID : hkdigit-20111214-182027

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