Hong Kong iPad Pricing

Hong Kong iPad Pricing (hkdigit-20100723-111220)

Hong Kong : 23 July, 2010 – Apple iPad finally landing in Hong Kong today. You may ask, how much for iPad? According one of Apple authorized reseller – Boardayway, the price list as following:

iPad WIFI 16GB   HKD$3,888
iPad WIFI 32GB   HKD$4,688
iPad WIFI 64GB   HKD$5,488

iPad 3G 16GB   HKD$4,888
iPad 3G 32GB   HKD$5,688
iPad 3G 64GB   HKD$6,488

iPad Keyboard Dock HKD$548
iPad Case HKD$298
iPad Dock HKD$228
Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit HKD$228
iPad 10W USB Power Adapter HKD$228
iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter HKD$228

Apple lists the U.S. retail prices at $499, $599 and $699, respectively.

Equipment: Canon 5D Mark II, 24-105mm 4.0L
Stock Photo ID : hkdigit-20100723-111220

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