Christmas Love at wtc more

Christmas Love at wtc more (hkdigit-20091222-174445)

Latest Update:

Hong Kong : 24 Dec, 2009 – Christmas Love is the theme at wtc more this year. There will be a 30-ft Christmas tree and a ten feet LOVE sculpture at the atrium surrounded by over 20 floral displays with LED light effects for a starry ambience.

Christmas Love at wtc more (hkdigit-20091222-175003)

Wish everyone Merry Christmas with Love!

Christmas Love at wtc more (hkdigit-20091222-175345)

Place: wtc more, Causewaybay, Hong Kong
Address: Address: 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
How to get there : MTR’s Causeway Bay Station exit D1
Location Map:

Stock Photo ID: hkdigit-20091222-174445, hkdigit-20091222-175003, hkdigit-20091222-175345

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