Elements Shopping Mall at Kowloon Station soft opening

Elements Hong Kong (hkdigit-20071006-175252)

Hong Kong MTR Corporation’s flagship shopping mall – Elements (圓方) was soft opened on 1 October 2007.

Located at MTR Kowloon Station, this flagship shopping mall with 1 million sq ft total floor area (Another Hong Kong Shopping Mall at Kowloon Bay – MegaBox with 1.1 million sq ft area) provides shopping, wining, dining entertainment and cultural experience for visitors.

Elements shopping mall (hkdigit-20071006-175153)

The world’s third tallest building, the 118-storey International Commerce Centre, has an observation deck on its top floor (target completion in 2010) and provides 2.5 million square feet of Grade-A office premises. In the vicinity, Great China’s first five-star W Hotel (completion date to be confirmed) and Ritz Carlton (completion date to be confirmed) can be found. Other facilities include, a vast 700,000 square feet landscaped garden on roof deck, including an aromatic garden, a cinema complex of 12 houses with a bar lounge for movie-goers (to be opened in mid October 2007) and an ice rink with panoramic Harbour-view.

Elements at Kowloon Station will be ‘zoned’ to the five elements of Nature:

Metal (金)
– Features luxury brands and world class dining
– Decorated with copper and steel

Wood (木)
– Features health and beauty shops
– Decorated with woodwork

Hong Kong Elements - ThreeSixty Supermarket (hkdigit-20071006-180053)

Water (水)
– International Cuisine

Hong Kong Elements - International Cuisine (hkdigit-20071006-180012)

Fire (火)
– Entertainment
– Includes Cinema and Ice Rink
– Decorated with 3D orange quadrilaterals

Hong Kong Elements - Ice Rink (hkdigit-20071006-171215

Earth (土)
– World Fashion

Elements high-end shops - Gucci (hkdigit-20071006-174103)


Each element zone has a sculpture of its own.

The water sculpture is a huge metal pillar with water running down it. The Earth sculpture is a set of rock formations.

Name : Elements 圓方
Address : 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Location Map)
Opening hours : 10am –10pm daily
Tel. no. : +852 2735 5234

How to get there:

MTR, Tung Chung Line – Kowloon Station, Escalator to U5

Airport Express Line – Kowloon Station

Bus : 8, 11 , 270A

By ONE WAY Only Free Shuttle Bus : (MegaBox provide 2 way free shuttle bus)

Service Time: 11:30 to 20:30
Frequency: About every 30 mins,

  • Humghom Route: Humg Hom Road (Whampoa Estate) -> Joran Road (Outside Kowloon Union Church) -> Elements
  • Tsim Sha Tsui Route: Haiphong Road (Opposite to Silvercord Centre) -> Elements
  • Kowloon Tong Route: To Fuk Road (Outside Yew Chung International School) -> Elements
  • Homantin Route : Waterloo Road (Outside Hoover Restaurant) -> Elements

Equipment: Canon 850IS
Stock Photo ID : hkdigit-20071006-175252 , hkdigit-20071006-175153,hkdigit-20071006-180053, hkdigit-20071006-180012, hkdigit-20071006-171215, hkdigit-20071006-174103

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  1. Hi, I left something on your guestbook. I went to Hong Kong in Xmas 2006 and it’s surprising warm and cool. They say the coldest was 15 degrees but I found it cool. Not like the Uk -2. My parents have a home in the villages outside the city Tai Wo. I’m not going to tell you the location. Don’t want any weirdoes tracking me down here’s a clues lots of trees and hills. Find it very easy to find my way around HK especially when come using the metro. Surprised the terracotta army was displayed there too. I just went to one in British Museum, London and it was great. Might of given you the wrong link for my blog. It should be csab-mailart.blogspot.com
    I’ll keep checking for blog for any events in HK.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Nice shots of the mall, especially with just a point & shoot DC. I guess you were luckier than me, I was told to stop taking photos inside the mall, and for a really pathetic reason. You can read about it here:- http://rolandlim.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/elements-the-unfriendly-shopping-mall-for-photograhers/

    So unfortunately, it completely ruined my impression of Elements.

  3. Roland,

    Just pretend you are tourist from Mainland China.. less trouble.. ha ha.

  4. great shots – will be checking this out today! :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Where can I get those ice hockey equipment from the shopping mall?

  6. Nice shots! I’ve got a dinner meeting tomorrow in a restaurant at Elements mall and might try to take a few shots as well.

    David Moser

  7. Nice shots! I’ve got a meeting at a restaurant in elements mall tomorrow and might try to take a few shots myself while I’m there.

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