Taoist Priest

nam moh man (hkdigit-20070905-214638)

Taoist Priest (道士) colloquially called a ‘nam moh man’ (喃嘸佬 / 喃嘸先生) (since they repetitive chanting Taoist scriptures sounds like nam moh, nam moh…).

Taoist priest (hkdigit-20070905-214418-01)

Taoist Priest Master sit inside the Altars which built with bamboo poles. Taoist priests will take place to recite passages from sacred books to ease hungry ghosts.

Equipment: Nikon D70
Event: Hungry ghost festival
Date: 05 July, 2007
Place: Central, Hong Kong

Stock Photo ID: hkdigit-20070905-214638, hkdigit-20070905-214418-01

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