Chinese New Year Flower Market 2007

Flower Grower (hkdigit-20070214-131744)

Flower Grower (hkdigit-20070214-135148)

Peach Blossom (hkdigit-20070214-134621)

Narcissus (hkdigit-20070214-132242)

Mandarin Orange 桔 (hkdigit-20070214-133649)

Pussy Willow (hkdigit-20070214-135414)

Solanum Mammosum 五代同堂 (hkdigit-20070214-132746)

Azalea Flower (hkdigit-20070214-140217)

Event: Chinese New Year Flower Market 2007 (維園年宵市場)
Place: Victoria Park, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Equipment: Canon 30D, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

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