Sheung Shui Da Jiu Festival

20 feet high paper-made Ghost King

Da Jiu Festival taken place once in every 60 years in the Sheung Shui community. During the festival, the “Ghost King Parade (大士出巡)” will be held. Dozens of the male village dwellers bring the 20 feet high paper-made Ghost King to run around the village.

It is their belief that all ghosts will follow the Ghost King during the parade. Therefore, they are not allowed to call others’ names, otherwsie the ghosts will go to that people’s homes.

Besides, women are not allowed to join the parade or they will bring bad luck to their families.

The parade is finished by the ritual of burning the Ghost King to send him back to the underworld.

At 8pm, Sheung Shui Liu Family people start the parade.

The parade lasted for around 1 hour.

At 11pm, the King Ghost was burned and sent back to the dead world.

Bye Bye Ghost King, see you next 60 years.

Event: Sheung Shui Da Jiu Festival (上水 太平清醮)
Date: 06-12 March, 2006 (丙戌年)
Place: Man Kok Village, Sheung Shui (上水 文閣村)


  1. 突然見你放這些相,我差點以為潮洲人的盂蘭盛會已開始(我是潮洲人)

  2. Wow, those images of the burning are intense, bravo!

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