Yue Laan Festival

Yue Laan Festival (hkdigit-20050818-214121)

In the seventh Lunar month, the gate of the underworld will open …

.. the spirits of the dead are free to roam the earth…

The seventh moon in the lunar calendar is when restless spirits are said to roam the earth, and when the believers make efforts to appease the ghosts and ancestors – particularly during the Hungry Ghost Festival itself.

In some areas of Hong Kong, visitors can see small roadside fires, where believers burn fake money and make other offerings to the restless spirits and their ancestors. Special food is often prepared to feed the hungry ghosts.

Yue Laan Festival Burn Incense (hkdigit-20050818-214524)

They like to eat Incense…

Yue Laan Festival Burn Candles (hkdigit-20050818-215153)

Yue Laan Festival Burning Candles (hkdigit-20050818-214348)

Yue Laan Festival Burnt Paper Offerings (hkdigit-20050818-215602)

Burnt paper offerings

Event: Yuen Laan Festival 盂蘭節 (also called Hungry Ghost Festival, Yuen Lan Festival)
Location: Tsing Yi
Date: 18 August, 2005 (Lunar: 14th of the 7th month)

Stock Photo ID: hkdigit-20050818-214121, hkdigit-20050818-214524, hkdigit-20050818-215153, hkdigit-20050818-214348, hkdigit-20050818-215602

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